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[Edgeworth's Hotel Room]

[Here's an anything-goes post for anyone who may wish to interact with Edgeworth in any way at any time. All is welcome under the premise that Edgeworth is either entering or vacating his hotel room. Or just walk right in if you want to be an ass about it. Either way, here is where anyone from anywhere, regardless of game or dressing room, can take advantage of the opportunity to harass a random Edgeworth whenever they see fit.]

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Not really? I guess I just kind of wanted to come and, you know.

See you?

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...Is that so?

Just then it seemed as though you were inclined to run away from me as quickly as possible.
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[He takes a deep breath. So Edgeworth is heading him off at every turn of the conversation? Big surprise....]

Well, Edgeworth, I can't exactly say you make conversations all that easy, but that doesn't mean I want to run away.

[On the contrary, really]

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...I am aware of that.

...My apologies.

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[WAY TO GO PHOENIX now you've upset him nice job breaking it hero]

No, no, I didn't mean... just... okay, look. I'm just here to talk to you because I like talking to you. I wouldn't have tracked down your hotel room if not for that.

And I enjoy your company, anyway.

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[This is me. Genuinely confused.]

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[Because you're wonderful?]

Because you're a nice guy. And I consider you a... a friend.

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...Hm. I've never imagined myself to be the most enthralling of company.

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You just don't know how other people see you. Trust me. Just because spending time with you takes a little more effort than it does with other people doesn't mean it's not worth it...

[Have what he hopes is a winning grin.]

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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[He'll just keep grinning as long as Edgeworth keeps up that stony silence.]

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[...Oh, now you've done it.

...Great was his attempt, but he found himself unable to hold it back any longer. Not too long afterwards, Edgeworth's lips slowly curl into an eventual, magnanimous smile. It is broad, warm, appreciative, slightly timorous...but all in all, it is a much bigger smile than even he, himself, is used to.

...Edgeworth is smiling. Way to go and fuck you, Phoenix Wright.]

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[WELL. Now Phoenix isn't sure whether to pass out or keep going on about how wonderful Edgeworth is or what. At all. And that smile is slowly turning him into mush, no less.

What to do!!]

Oh, there--that's not so bad, is it? You should try it more often! You have a nice smile.

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[Really, really wants to stop. But can't. So here he is, shielding his lips with two fingers as the smile commences, as if in attempt to stifle it.]

...Hn... An odd topic of conversation amongst men, don't you agree?

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Is it?

[He opts for playing innocent on this one.]

I don't know. If it's true, does it really matter if I say it, regardless?

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...You just may wish to refrain from giving off the wrong impression to others.

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I dont know--I think I'm pretty capable of understanding what I sound like when I say things.

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...Not that I am concerned with how you wish to present yourself, just as long as I am not also entangled in any sort of crude misconceptions...any more than I already tend to be...

[And suddenly. Wine. A chilled bottle of one of his favourite kinds appears just as he thought of it. Perhaps this place is not so bad, after all. He takes a moment of silently eyeing the bottle until he retrieves it and says,]

Would you care for a glass?

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[Wine appearing out of nowhere? That's a little... odd... but hey, wine and Edgeworth both in the same place? He's not complaining.]

Sure... I don't think I've ever had wine this, uh, expensive before! But won't this kind of only perpetuate that presentation you don't want yourself associated with?

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[Judging by the flinch there, perhaps Wright is not yet aware of the 'invisible staff' that allows you to magically dream up food into manifestation. A newcomer, perhaps.]

...I do not see how in throwing back a glass of wine with a partner of mine should be of any cause for alarm.

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[No, don't think too much into that... that's a dangerous road, Phoenix

He takes a glass and sips at it a moment, happy to have a brief chance to collect his thoughts. Not that wine is really going to help. He does love his "grape juice."]

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[Of course he's his partner. Edgey says so himself. I swear to Gosh I only base these things upon canon context. And that's how they have earned their reputation as the Ambiguously Gay duo.]

[Edgeworth sits in silence for several seconds, swishing the wine around in his glass.]

...That's right. I have been away for so long that it would only make sense for you to be disinclined to refer to me as your colleague. It has only been so long since we have done anything together.

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[Pfff it's the canon context that makes it so wondeful!]

Well, I guess I just didn't realize you thought of me like that. Or really like anything other than an enemy.

[He eyes Edgeworth, partly out of admiration, and partly... to mimic the way he drinks the expensive wine. Phoenix is a little uncultured like that.]

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Oh, really? It seems as though my efforts to convince you otherwise have fallen on deaf ears.

[Although he knows it goes without saying now, he re-quotes something he recalls telling Phoenix at one point, not too long ago, for added emphasis.]

...Your hatred of me is quite unhealthy. Not to mention one-sided.

[Canon context, folks. Canon. Context.]
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[Another sip, taking his time to think of how to respond to that.]

You know, I don't have any hatred for you. You can be really tough to face in court, sure, but that doesn't give me any reason to hate you.

So, if you're trying to tell me you like me, that isn't one-sided.


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